‘Mom, Dad, I am bored,’ no parent wants to hear those dreaded words from their kids, especially not when they are supposed to have quality time with them. I know it’s kinda of scary; it’s not easy to pick an activity that will get your kids excited the entire summer. But, the sky is the limit, all you need to do is keep them busy, engaged, let them have fun.

Here we have compiled a list of things you can do to prepare the ultimate fun-time for your kids this summer.

1. Buy a swimming pool

When the summer sun hit hard, getting wet is probably the only thing your kid will desire, so why not buy one of those inflatable pools with slides to help a kid make a splash with friends and family; Therapists often advise that strenuous activity for a child can work wonders, it tuckers them right ou.

2. Get a waterproof mp3 player

Summer gadget for pool activities is a decent way to chill especially to kids. Kids generally love music, so get them a waterproof MP3 player (recommendations) and shuffle their playlist to expand their knowledge about music.; they will not get bored, not even when those around them seem boring.

3. Buy some audio-book

You may also consider listening to audiobooks on your summer car trip; this will promote your kid’s their love for literature and will keep them engaged for hours.

4. Be prepared to supervise outdoor play

When kids are around, you will be busy all day, but you have to be prepared to spend a little time outside with them. So buy some sports shoes and apparel, anything that will get you the confidence of getting out and having a fun play. Can you remember the last time you tried to swing as high as you can or the last time you went down the slide? Your kids will love it when you are part of their play once in a while; you kid will never forget, they will anxiously wait for the next summer time.

5. Get a little Crafty

Summertime should not only be about having fun, but it should also be time to learn some creativity. If your kids are young, they will love it when you buy some material for them to make things. It is going to be messy around the house, that for sure, so you can use supervision, but it would be a good idea to set an art place that will encourage kids to make art without limitation.

6. Go on a walk once a week

Ask your seven years old what he wants to do right now, he will probably tell you bike around the neighborhood. So why not figure out the best restaurant they will have fun. Book for a reservation a few days before heading over there. Buy a bike, or repair the one you have, this way your kids have fun time biking around the neighborhood or the nearby park,

If you are not up to the biking, just walk just walk together with your kids in the park; they will love to see new things knowing they are near you. But don’t forget to carry some money with you; kid loves stuff!. Take a field trip, go to the fire station, the favorite restaurant, someplace new will make kids have fun.

There are a lot of activities that can keep your kid engaged through summer; you just need to talk to them and get to know what they like. But, remember the one thing that will make them happy is when you play with them. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or how bad you are on a certain activity, as long as you are spending time with them, they will never get bored.