How to keep warm in a cold room

When it’s cold outside we escape from the chilly outdoors into the warmth of our homes. But what if your home is not warm enough to keep the goosebumps away? There are some things you can do if you don’t want to, or for some reason cannot, turn on the heating.

Prep yourself

Raising your body temperature is easier than warming the whole room so if you want to keep warm and comfy start with yourself. Wearing more clothes is one of the most obvious and effective ways to do it. Put on two sweaters if you have to. Wear a pair of gloves and grab a mug of steaming cocoa.

Speaking of food, avoid eating anything cold. Most of what we eat can be easily turned into hot food that will keep your belly full and body warm. Are you used to eating sandwiches for breakfast? Put them in a toaster or microwave. Don’t have one? Place it on top of the baking sheet and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. If one of your meals is oatmeal, try a baked version. Maybe you’ll find some new amazing recipes that you can keep eating even after winter has passed.

A warm shower is a great way to quickly warm up but there is an even better way and it’s a hot and cold shower. Cold water improves blood circulation which in turn raises the default body temperature. So next time you’re showering try switching between the two water settings.

Prep the room

The best way to raise the room temperature is to prevent any cold outside air from entering and warm air inside from escaping. So close all the windows and doors as tightly as you can.

To trap the heat inside the room, you can cover the floor with a carpet or a rug that will act as insulation. Get a soft one, like wool, to take it even further and give your feet that cozy feel. A nice rug can really tie the room together and act as a nice piece of décor while also protecting you from the cold. Putting thick curtains around the windows has a similar effect.

You can also put insulate your windows for additional protection. Even the tiniest cracks can become an entryway for the cold air that will make all of your other efforts go to waste. One of the cheapest ways to do that is to cover the windows with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is pretty effective at keeping the temperature at the same level but it distorts the view from the window while simultaneously looking more awful than not.

One of the better ways to insulate windows is to use something called magnetic window insulation film. You just put magnetic tape on the window frames (or cover them with magnetic paint), get the magnetic insulation film, and attach it to the frame. It’s very easy to do by yourself and you can take it off any time you need to open the window. Magnetic window insulation not only keeps out the cold but also reduces any outside noise which can be a lifesaver if you live in a busy neighborhood.