5 Best Garment Steamers on The Market

Whether you are tired of hauling out the ironing board or you need something more portable, a garment steamer may be for you. Here is a list of the top five steamers available on the market today.

A stand-up steamer is perfect for commercial use, or at home, while a portable one is best for the traveller who wants to avoid the dry-cleaners. We have steamers for the casual wrinkle buster and the professional, with options in between.

1. Reliable Vivio 55GC

Though not the cheapest option, the Vivio 55GC is a workhorse. This commercial steamer will not let you down whether you are using it in a garment shop or at home. With its built-in hanger, one galleon water bottle and “stay cool” wood handle it will serve all your steaming needs. This steamer is heavy duty and built to work.

2. Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam


A slightly more portable (and affordable option), the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam is a powerful steamer boasting dual heat technology and a turbo button that super heats the steam to instantly release wrinkles. The built-in aluminum plate can do away with your iron, giving you a fresh-pressed look every time. Included is a three-in-one attachment piece for pulling fabric taut for easy steaming, spacing and protecting fragile fabric and a bristle for loosening fibers.

3. Beautural Handeld Garment Steamer

An affordable option for anyone on the market, the Beautural Handheld is quick, easy and reliable. It is able to steam garments either hanging or flat on a table. Perfect for the traveller, it is small and easy to store. The steam lock button allows users to give one burst or a continuous stream of steam. Three attachments are included: fabric brush, lint brush and a creaser. This steamer is versatile and portable, it can be used not only on garments but furniture, curtain, or bedding. No fabric is a match for this affordable steamer.

4. Finether 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

For the undecided, this 2-in-1 combo provides a steam board which can be used both vertical and horizontal to achieve crisp results every time. This steamer boasts a nine-setting temperature control dial and heats up within 38 seconds. The two in one fabric brush helps loosens fibers and creates the perfect fold. A thick fabric hose will protect your hands from the hot steam and the hanger pole is adjustable and collapses for easy storage. This less expensive alternative to our number one steamer is perfect for the at home user.


5. iSteam 4-in1 Steamer

As the most portable steamer on the list, the iSteam 4-in-1 is affordable and powerful. Perfect for the traveller who can’t be seen wearing wrinkly cloths. Ideal for your last-minute needs or your full-time travel companion, this steamer heats quickly and includes an automatic shut off feature when it gets too hot or runs low on water. The high capacity water tank allows for ten minutes of continuous steaming. The compact size and design make will make borrowing hotel irons and panic trips to the dry cleaners a distant memory.