Top 3 power tools every person should own

Even if you think you don’t have an eye or the ability to repair things, chances are that at least once in your life you will have to make a quick fix on something be it in your car, your house, or somewhere else. However, sometimes sheer strength, will, and ingenuity are not enough to solve some issues that present themselves in front of us. Sometimes, we need to resort to using tools, the very thing that distinguishes us from other species and makes us human in essence. Here, we will focus on 3 power tools that everyone, regardless of their occupation or hobbies, should own to make quick work out of mundane problems that require no specialist other than yourself.

Impact driver

While a common electrical drill is an incredibly useful tool, the same body of this power tool serves to do more than drilling holes. The more versatile version of a drill is an impact driver. Much like its name suggests, an impact driver is a power tool whose purpose is to drive screws. The impact driver can also adapt to drive fasteners such as nuts and bolts, which makes it particularly helpful when it comes to reinforcing screws and keeping other parts in place once they have been set. Check out these reviews of impact drivers to make the best choice when you try to pick one up for yourself.

Torque wrench

Not in all situations will we be able to connect an impact driver or other power tools to save us the manual work. Sometimes, the things we need to repair are quite hidden or difficult to access, which leaves us no other option but to use manual tools and apply logic with your mind over strength with your body. A torque wrench is perhaps the most useful tool under such circumstances, particularly when it comes to working on vehicles with parts that are hard to access. Take a look at some of the best torque wrenches on Be Your Car before settling for one model.

Power saw

A power saw might seem like a more niche tool than others on this list, but make no mistake: a saw is just as useful for the everday man as it is for the carpenter. Just think of the times where you had to go to a shop to have a piece of material cut to complete a project that you could have otherwise done yourself on your own. Keeping a power saw handy is something that most people won’t regret, since it can cut not only wood, but also plastic and even some soft metals to help you with repairs and personal projects.

So there you have it, with these three tools, you won’t ever have to hire the services of any handyman again, and you will also get the satisfaction of learning how to craft, fix, and even create your own household ornaments and furniture. It is all just a matter of dedication and having the right tools for the job every time.

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